Where now?

Where now?

So in order to get down some more details and specifics about how the group is coming along I will try and get a blog done at least every fortnight and if possible every week.

If other group members want to additionally get involved and get their own thoughts down and send a blog in, I’m happy to post up as it’s really important to continually get feedback and the thoughts of the group. Especially as things start to grow and it gets more difficult for me to chat to everyone in the group each week.

We have been having some fun in the last week as Wimbledon has been on, and getting everyone in the group involved in picking numbered tennis balls from our luck dip bag and combining these drawn balls to a selection of exercises. This has added some great group interaction and really made the activity session more varied as no one has any idea what the programme will look like when they arrive.

The groans when a 40 second ball was drawn, combined with the exercise cone representing burpees was priceless. Then the faces dropped as the realisation of what we were about to do was equally memorable. However, the most surprising part was how a group of mainly non exercisers managed to cope with 40 seconds of incredibly intense exercise. Really inspiring.

This week we also did our first Saturday morning session which again went well considering the 8.30am start. Having 8 people attend, with three members coming for the first time, was great to see. Moving forward we just need to plan how this additional weekly session can be catered for, as when the football season starts there will be less field space and I will personally struggle to get there every week. But in the interests of group sustainability maybe this is where I step back a little, and place the trust in the community spirit created by the group.

So quickly to finish on a personal wish list, I’m hoping we will go over the 30 attendee mark in one session within the next week or so, and then sustain between 20 – 30 to really cement the group and its success.

So see you Wednesday if you are coming along for more Wimbledon themed fun.

And don’t forget to tell friends and bring them along. As always the more the merrier.



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