10 weeks and still going strong!

So now the group has been going for 10 weeks it’s a great time to take stock and evaluate what we have achieved. I have to give huge credit to thanks to key members of the group including: Laura, John and Sue Taylor, Chloe, Oscar and Helen. Without their commitment and help with sharing information including posters, Tweets, Facebook posts, the group would not be as successful as it has become. Although I have mentioned just a few people here, there are obviously many more people in the group whose infectious enthusiasm has additionally helped the group’s popularity.

So 10 weeks in, the group continues to expand and grow with new faces coming along all the time. We have now exceeded over 100 members on the new Facebook page and have had in excess of 60 people take part in various sessions. The weekly attendance is still around 35 – 40 people, which is great considering a large number of the people that attend would be considered inactive on the Sport England guidelines. Add in to this the low amount of press and media that has been sent out and the fact the group has grown organically from just a few posters around the park and the willingness of people to come up and ask what’s going on and if they can join in is incredible.

I’m still holding back at the moment from marketing too heavily as I am concerned the group may actually get too big and be difficult to manage. However, this week it was great to have the confidence in splitting the group up and having regular members lead their individual group. It was amazing to see, as I looked over from my group, everyone getting stuck in, laughing, joking and having a fantastic time with people they barely know and may have only met through the group. Long may it continue!

On another note, I have been asked to set up another group in a separate park on the other side of the city. I’m going to give it a go seeing how popular this group has become and what a positive affect it has had on the people attending. If this can be replicated then hopefully more  people can get the same benefits from their individual park programme.

The only issue I have with this at the moment is that we will need a sponsor to provide finances to buy kit etc, and then additionally set up a training and education session for the members of that community to be able to lead their own sessions.

So if anyone knows of a local company, or companies, that would like to provide finances for a community lead health activity programme – Shout Up!!!!

I`ll leave it there for now and post another blog in the next week or so.

Cheers P

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