What it’s about!

So, here’s a more detailed description about how this all came about.

Having worked in the Sport, health, fitness and education industry for 20 years and steadily building knowledge, skills, experience while maintaining the passion for helping people and wanting to improve myself, I thought it might be a good idea to set up something in my local community to see if there are other people who have the desire to get fit but are somewhat put off by the traditional barriers to participation.

Having helped with previous projects in my local park, Cowick and Barton Playing fields, which have included planting trees and volunteering at community events, I thought it may be worth a try to set up a community health activity group based around doing some basic exercises that everyone is familiar with. You know – press ups – sit ups – step ups  – tricep dips and so on.  Nothing new & not reinventing the wheel.

So, with the support from some local residents we started meeting, just the 4 of us on a Monday and Wednesday evening. In the space of a few weeks this became 10, then 15, then 20 and so on.

That’s roughly where we’re at now, but seeing how much people enjoy social activity based around getting fit and supporting each other, who knows what the future may hold.

Find us on Facebook and twitter.

Onwards and upwards. And if you want to come along we would love to have you join.



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