Hopefully we have a session in location near you that you can attend, and join us in Making Healthy Habits Together.

We send out weekly booking forms, and in order to receive the booking form you must have completed a registration form below.

You will need to book a place if you would like to attend, and must be registered to receive the booking form.

Registration Form

Please see the details below which yo must be aware of before attending sessions.  We have put these in place to keep volunteers and participants safe.

Participants must NOT attend if they:

1- Have NOT completed a registration form and received a confirmation to attend.
2- Are showing signs or symptoms of Coronavirus. Have had the virus in the last 14 days or are in a vulnerable category or are shielding.
3- Are Injured or have serious health conditions.
4- Are not able or willing to obey strict instructions from their group leader.

When attending a session participant must:

1- Listen carefully and follow leaders instructions immediately and without question.
2- Always remain a minimum of 2 meters away from other members, even when arriving and leaving the session.
3- Stay in their allocated exercise zone.
4- Not touch any kit or help pack away.
5- Respect other people’s requests for personal space even if that is more than the recommended 2 meters
6- Arrive 5 minutes before the session start time so they can hear a full briefing from their group leader.

I’m sure all our members will be respectful to each other but If we feel that the sessions are not safe we will immediately cancel them and wait for a restart later in the year.

You are welcome to come to any session in any park, and we encourage people from different parts of the city to explore and meet residents in different areas.

All sessions are led by qualified volunteers and if you would like to join our passionate team of volunteers get in touch.

More volunteers = More session in More Parks = A Healthier city.

If you click the park name you will see a map linked to the park for directions:

Cowick Barton Playing fields (St Thomas) 18.30 –  Monday & Wednesday

Upton Park – Torquay 18.30 – Monday & Thursday

Belmont park (Newtown) 18.30 – Tuesday

West Garth road 18.30 Wednesday & 09.00 Sunday

Heavitree pleasure grounds 18.30 Thursday & 09.00 Sunday

St Thomas Pleasure grounds (St Thomas) 09.00 – Saturday

If you would like more detail please email freemoovement@hotmail.com