Sofa to the Saddle

Want something New? Why wouldn’t you?

On the 1st and 2nd September we will be delivering and new “Sofa to Saddle” cycling programme for people that want to:-

– Learn to ride
– Build cycling confidence
– Develop practical skills
– Plan safe commuter routes
– Grasp basic bike maintenance
– Understand the health benefits of cycling
– And so much more……..

Based on the national Bike-ability standards, we will be streamlining the programme so you get all the practical skills you need for your local area.If you want to make cycling more about Lifestyle than Lycra, then this will be your opportunity to make it happen.

This 6 hour course is the cycling equivalent to the runner’s Couch to 5k. Over the 6 hours you will learn everything you need to know to get you in the saddle, plan your routes, stay safe, get to grips with the world of cycling and become the totally Savvy cyclist.

This course is aimed at building your confidence steadily so you can use your bike as a means of active travel and for leisure rides.
Recent initiatives to get adults cycling have taken the form of a Free 2-hour session to help you get back into cycling. This is a great idea but what do you do when the instructor has gone and are left to your own devices without that support and expertise? Do you put the bike back in the shed? Sadly, that is all too often what happens. So now it’s time to change things for the better. 
This course will guide you through the somewhat alien world of cycling so you can be a confident commuter, a leisure ride legend or the force in the family who get out together and enjoy the best your local area has to offer. 


To see the feedback from previous course check out the below document .