As the wheels of the economy slowly start to turn, it’s clear that we are all going to have to make significant changes to our daily commute due to Covid 19. It’s also clear we have two choices as public transport is not a particularly appealing option due to the difficulty to socially distance, and questions regarding hygiene and safety when using buses and trains.

So, we are really left with two choices. We can either get in our car and incur fuel costs or we can start to take the healthy option of walking, running or cycling. Walking is great for your overall health and certainly a fantastic way to get your daily exercise, but may not be practical if you have a commute of over 2 miles. Running is not everyones cup of tea and might be too much to ask to complete on a daily basis. So the humble bike could be the best option. Its great exercise, cost effective, fast, efficient, germ free and most of all great fun.

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But you might be sitting there thinking “I haven’t been on my bike for years and the last time I did was on a cycle to the Turf Locks down a glorious, traffic free cycle path, not a busy road”.

We get that, however don’t worry – we can help get you back in the saddle, confidently and safely navigating you way to the workplace. We can guide you through many areas of modern day cycling including; Route planning to find the traffic free journeys, road positioning and signalling, basic cycle maintenance and generally getting up to speed with how cycling may have changed recently.

We will make sure the sessions are specifically tailored to your needs so you can have an enjoyable and safe experience on your daily commute.

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If you want to take us up on the offer then send us this completed FORM