Volunteer Profiles

We love how dedicated our volunteers are so we thought we would give you some information on them and why they are so committed to getting their communities active.


Name: Lena Western

About Lena:

I have recently become unemployed from my part time job but am a full time mother of two teenagers with specialist learning needs so am always busy. Helping them through their studies at this critical time and the challenges they face has in the past impacted my own personal mental health and well-being.

In the past I have suffered from depression, anxiety and feeling isolated and as a result have set up and lead a local depression and anxiety group that meet twice a week for coffee, tea and a chat.

I also volunteer at Bernardo’s charity shop in St Thomas and enjoy all aspects of retail work and interaction with customer and love that I am doing my bit to help vulnerable children by supporting this charity.

Previous experiences and special interests:

Although when I started Freemoovement I had no previous experience in health and well-being, through my own personal journey of mental health and well-being I have now led and assisted at many sessions within the community.

I love interacting and networking within my community and have really enjoyed learning new skills and taking responsibility for my own and others wellbeing.

I really enjoy reading, watching the current Marvel films and have just begun an introduction to yoga course.

Why do you enjoy Freemoovement?

I love being able to assist and help people of all ages and abilities to start being active and begin their own personal journey to improved mental health and well-being.

Freemoovement has really helped me personally this past year. Being out in our local parks has such benefits and meeting new people and chatting to them is great. The sessions are incredibly fun and creative.

I enjoy learning exercises and then showing new attendees the basics to get them on their way. I love the positive feedback I receive as a result of their enjoyment and participation in the sessions.

I also love the music selection at each session as all volunteers have different tastes so you never know what you are going to get. I like that you can choose how much you want to put into the session and no one judges you. Everyone is so approachable and friendly.

Finally the fact that you don’t have to have the latest sports clothing or footwear is a bonus as everyone wears what they feel comfortable in. And of course the bonus is it’s all FREE.


What are your personal health or fitness goals?

My goals are simple – getting out of the house, being more active, meeting people and getting a little healthier.

What is your greatest achievement or most proud moment?

In terms of achievement two year ago I raised £1,100 by shaving my head for 2 charities (Barnardo’s and Balloons) This would have made a huge difference to people lives.

I am also very proud of my children and attend a parenting course which helps me become a more open and approachable parent as I believe we can always keep learning, developing and being better at what we do.

Note: As with all our volunteers we can’t thank them enough for the help and support they provide in getting their communities active. They are all super stars!!!