The “Power of 10” is a new initiative we are launching from the 05/08/19 to encourage people to attend at least 1 session a week for 10 weeks. At the end of the programme we will collect your loyalty cards (handed out at the start of programme) which will be stamped by our volunteers at each session you attend.

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As we are in the summer holidays, we have given you a 12-week window to complete this challenge which means, if you are away for a couple of weeks you can still manage it before the clocks go back at the end of October.

This sounds crazy but we have ordered a total of 250 loyalty cards and need your help in getting them to the right parks. If you could complete the attached form, we can make sure we distribute the correct number of cards to the right locations.


As an incentive, in addition to getting fit and healthy for FREE, on completion of the programme you can purchase and exclusively designed t-shirt, vest or technical hoodie (or all 3) to celebrate your success. We have put a sizing request on the form, so we have a good idea of how many to order and what sizes. We will also check this at the end of the programme as you never know, your size may have changed.

T shirts and vests are priced at £17.50 and hoodies are £40. If you would like a T-shirt / vest and hoody this will be discounted to £55.

We have no idea if we will get 250 people attend but suspect with some extra motivation and incentives, our numbers will rise.

You can attend any session at any park across the city. This is not only a fun way to see more locations in which we deliver sessions and meet all of our amazing volunteer leaders, but also a great way to meet new people across the city just like you.

So here it is. Your chance to make a positive commitment to yourself, by getting active over the summer and sticking at it so you make a new and continued “Healthy Habit for Life”.

P.S. Don’t forget to complete – THIS FORM