Tell us about it!

We love hearing stories from the heart about how FREEMOOVEMENT has made a positive impact on people lives. 

Here Izzi, one of our regular participants tell us  how she has made some life changing health commitments including buying a bike and making more healthy travel choices as a result of the programmes we have delivered. 

What’s also incredibly interesting is how much more connected Izzi feels in her community as a result of meeting people and establishing new friendships.   

Here’s what Izzi says about her experiences since joining FREEMOOVEMENT.


“FREEWHEELIN’ is a fantastic family-friendly initiative to get involved with. The rides are fun and manageable and have really got me and my family out and about and spending more time outdoors together as well as meeting new people, who like to do the same.

We tend to have a ride by the estuary and then stop and have some relaxed, social time as a group, before riding back.

As I don’t have a bike of my own, it’s been really straightforward to borrow a bike and trailer from Ride On and to return them afterwards.

FREEWHEELIN’ has inspired me however to get our own bikes in the future as it’s really rebuilt my confidence in cycling and I now want to further explore the places we have visited!

The instructors are great at making sure that no-one is left behind and I’ve had lots of tips from the group about how to use gears properly etc.

I started the FREEWHEELIN’ rides after hearing about them through the FREEMOOVEMENT sessions that I attend regularly in my local parks. I’ve been attending since October and the sessions really have benefited me in so many ways. I now feel much more connected to my local community,  I’ve met so many lovely people, some of whom I now meet socially as well, and my fitness has really improved.

The relaxed atmosphere where everyone can work out within their own limits means that everyone comes away feeling positive and motivated to be more active. It’s fantastic that the sessions are free, take place all year round and are suitable for everyone, of all shapes and sizes, and ages!” 


We really appreciate the time Izzi has taken to share her thoughts and experiences with us and encourage you to do the same.

We would love to hear more stories about how FREEMOOVEMENT has impacted your life in whatever area it may be. Examples could be:

Have you made new friends?

Have you lost weight?

Have you achieved a personal fitness goal?

Have you got more confidence?

Have you become a volunteer?

Have you recovered from a physical or mental health condition?

Have you joined one of our groups and got inspired to take up a past activity that you used to love doing?

Whatever it is – please, please, please tell us so we can demonstrate specifically the huge impact we are having in the City.

It’s really easy for us to tell everyone how we have over 600 people coming to our sessions each month, but it’s really about the personal, softer but much more important impact we are having that makes what we do so important.

So either email, review and rate us on Facebook,  or message and get in touch to give us your feedback.

I may only take you 5 or 10 minutes but will have a huge impact on how we can move forward and help more people be more active.

Thanks once again to Izzi. We really appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you at our sessions and bike rides.