It’s not the Hokey Cokey!

So, in very unusual circumstances, although not for this winter seeming as though it has been one of the wettest on record in Devon and Exeter, we cancelled our Saturday morning session.

As we (this weekend’s volunteer leaders) were getting ready to head out and set up on what we prayed would finally be a dry Saturday, the rain failed to stop and decided to get heavier and come down in rods.

The WhatsApp messages were pinging more regularly than an excited ball bearing on a supercharged pinball machine. Should we? Shouldn’t we cancel? Will it stop? Won’t it? Will anybody turn up in this weather? And so on……

But as 9am got nearer and nearer we decided to call it on this occasion and start sending out the notices on social media that we weren’t heading out this Saturday.

It’s always sad when we cancel as session as we know people are casting off the duvet, wiping the sleep from their eyes and getting ready to start the weekend with a blast of exercise. Little did we know that that’s exactly what some of the regulars were going to do regardless of our decision.

Back indoors, and as I wasn’t going to be running around the park, I thought I’d better make the most of that hour by getting some admin done and updating all the event times and posters for all the groups that seem to be spreading across the city.

As I was making the most of my limited admin skills a message and picture popped up on Facebook from one of our regular attendees who is becoming more and more of an inspiration to myself and others in the St Thomas area. And here it is!!!

“A few of us turned up at park this morning. I’d arranged to meet someone from our depression and anxiety group to participate in Freemoovement and did not want to let them down. We all assessed area for safety and decided to do a warm up, then the Moove through session with static stations of exercises. We did three circuits, and finished with a cool down. Both myself and Deborah led.  We used the railings for push ups and benches for triceps dips, in between jogging we did fireman ladders, squats, lunges, star jumps, stand up Russian twists, all six of us enjoyed. Here’s a photo”……..

Now I’m not sharing the photo of the happy faces of those who turned up in the heavy rain and got a combined  360 minutes of exercise  when I was tinkering with social media – But  “That’s what it’s all about”. Freemoovement is a community activation project that makes a difference no matter how many people attend.  It’s not the “Hokey Cokey” but if you “bend your knees” & “stretch your arm” and add a bit of Ra! Ra! Ra! – then what’s not to like!

Who’s got the party bags???

P.S. Final footnote on this blog is that the session that ran was delivered by two ladies that attended our YMCA level 2 Award in Community Activation and were able to lead a session with no kit, no music, no plan!!!  Just the confidence and adaptability in being able to be active and encouraging others to get active too!  WOW!

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