As the year ends it’s time to review!

AwardsWell it’s been a whirlwind of a six months with so much happening and so many requests that the BLOG has totally dropped off the face of the Earth. However, with recently receiving an award from DevonLive for our contribution to Health and Wellbeing in the community it’s obviously time to get an up to date blog done. 


We will start with the award. Although it was listed as recognizing “Paul Mouland” for his contribution, this award was for so many more people than just me. There have been leaders, volunteers, community builders, keen attendees and numerous others that have all played their part in spreading the word and motivating each other in coming out and getting active in their community.


The goodwill and community cohesion that has surrounded the groups have at times been almost overwhelming. It’s the shear diversity of the groups that continues to amaze me and the fact that even when the nights turned dark and the temperature dropped, people seemed to become even more determined to get off the couch in the evening and head out the front door for their weekly fix of Freemoovement. 


As we really start to reflect at the end of the year after having had 6 months to fully understand what it is people want from the groups, we are in a much better place to support others in Exeter to set up their Freemoovement groups and facilitate them with the skills and knowledge of how to get their own project off the ground and self-sustaining. 


We are now on the brink of setting up a coaching course for volunteers so we can be sure that each group is fully equipped to deliver their own sessions. However, we are still looking for a suitable sponsor to help fund the training of our volunteers as asking volunteers to pay £250 for a course and then volunteer their free time is a step too far. 


We are also about to launch our first Saturday morning session, starting in the New Year. This will again be a new step for us and the aim will be to help people with their New Year resolutions and give those who can’t make weekly evening sessions the opportunity be active and join our amazing group of participants and volunteers. More details will be on Facebook and Twitter shortly. 


Finally, I really must hit home how much of this project is a pure community initiative that is now aimed at much more than just getting fit in the park.  Community cohesion, reducing social isolation, removing barriers, improving mental health, connecting with neighbors, empowering volunteers …… the list goes on.


So, if you would like to be part of what seems to have a limitless amount of possibilities then get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss new ideas, explore new groups, form partnerships, receive advice and work with anyone who shares our ethos of helping people and strengthening communities to improve health. 

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